Your All-in-One Payment Solution.

Completely customizable to meet your unique needs, these game-changing smart devices by Poynt offer everything from basic functions to more technical and specialized tools for running your business.

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Merchants can customize the Poynt terminal with apps designed to create a more efficient business operation.

App marketplace

The app marketplace features a wide variety of specialized apps allowing you to customize your solution

Manage the whole of your business

Aside from sales metrics, you can also use this powerful platform to manage your product catalogue, track inventory and manage employees.

Mondo Payments Inc. is a Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon. Mondo Payments is also a First Data Canada Ltd. Partner and Registered MSP/ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Canadian Branch, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Smart isn't just for phones anymore.

Perfect for Countertop

Integrated printer and customizable, interactive dual touch screens – one for the merchant and one for the consumer

Uncompromisingly powerful.

Effortlessly mobile with Poynt 5.

Keep in touch with customers 

List Builder connects to many email systems.and adds customers with emailed receipts who agree to receive messages to your marketing list.

Battery Life

The dynamic device has a battery life of up to 8 hours – a full shift – when combined with the Power Sleeve.

Manage your business with powerful apps.

Accept payments in minutes.

Enjoy payment processing rates as low as 0.92%.

Get Deposits Fast & Easy

Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account as fast as the next business day

Run your business from anywhere with Poynt HQ.

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Manage multiple stores

It’s now easier to view transactions and analytics, customize settings, and manage your inventory for any individual store or your business as a whole.


HQ is accessible on the web, on your phone using the HW Smartphone App, or right from your Poynt touchscreen.

All the power of Poynt Smart Terminal, yet fits in your pocket – Poynt 5 lets your customers pay you when and where you'd like.

Accept payments using the world's first, most advanced smart terminal. 

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Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Take advantage of the lowest rates in the industry that will remain fixed. Guaranteed!


Feel assured knowing every transaction is protected by built-in technology.