Seamless integration between business and payment.

Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for more than 35 years by offering the widest range of smart terminals with cutting-edge technologies.

Meet the ingenico lineup of Smart POS Terminals.

Today’s consumers are constantly connected, more discerning and eager to save time. They expect absolute efficiency from merchants at every stage of their journey and the flexibility to purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Open your countertop a world of business apps.

The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience for merchants and customers.

All Payment Options
The Desk/5000 supports
EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, signature capture, and NFC/contactless.

Maximized network availability
In addition to being able to connect via Ethernet and modem, the
Desk/5000 offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options.


    User-friendly intuitive interface
    Featuring powerful multimedia capabilities and a large 3.5-inch

    Optimised to improve checkout times turning the point of sale into a point of service

    Boost sales on-the-go with a world of business apps.

    The Move/5000 is a game changer, opening the portable payment terminal to a new world of business apps.

    Designed for Mobility
    Includes a wide variety of wireless options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G, guaranteeing payment availability .

    Built-in data capture capabilities
    Optional camera or barcode scanner and GPS tracking enables alternative payment schemes and unlimited possibilities for innovative business apps.

    Seamless NFC payment
    Seamlessly enables contactless payment acceptance by providing an NFC card reader zone for faster transaction flows.

    Highest Security
    The Move/5000 is PCI-PTS 5.x certified and satisfies the latest hardware and software security requirements.


    The multi-payment PIN Pad that simplifies checkouts.

    Secure payment acceptance at checkout, The iPP315 easily connects with Ingenico’s Desk series terminal using a single USB cable.

    Maximum Ease of Use
    Among the world’s smallest and lightest devices, the iPP315 is designed for easy handling and daily use.

    Highest Security
    The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional security and confidentiality for consumers for PIN entry.


    Easy Connectivity
    The iPP315 easily connects with Ingenico’s Desk series terminal using a single USB cable.

    Total Payment Flexibility
    The iPP315 accepts all forms of electronic payments, including EMV, magstripe and NFC/contactless.

    Flawless design for a clever payment companion.

    Slim and robust, Ingenico brings payment acceptance to any mobile device with Link/2500.

    All payment options
    Specifically engineered for flexibility, accept all payment methods including NFC/Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Best fit for any use
    Due to its wide options panel and its two form factors, Link/2500 suits to any need, and specifically in terms of compactness, autonomy and physical integration.

    Seamless integration
    Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth capability, Link/2500 connects any iOS, Android or Windows-based tablet or smartphone.

    Highest security
    Its Telium TETRA OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.


    Smart POS.

    Ingenico smart terminals meet the latest security standards and support any cashless payment method. Their multimedia possibilities offer a rich consumer experience across many industries.

    Offer a simpler checkout experience. Increase your sales beyond brick-and-mortar.

    Accept phone orders and process card-not-present payments.

    Simplify your business income management. See all your incoming payments in one place.

    Smart Card
    Award and track customer rewards. Keep customers coming back for repeat purchases through points and discounts.

    Colour Screen
    Communicate with your customers and get quick insights. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated messaging & feedback tool

    Offering Bluetooth connectivity to virtually any iOS, Android, or Windows-based mobile device

    Payment solutions that work hard for your business.

    Elavon is the innovative, secure and global partner for your payment processing needs. Whether you do business online, via mobile or in person, for more than 25 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our partners, from large worldwide enterprises to locally owned small businesses.

    Drive your small business growth everytime you accept payments.