The first terminal
you’ll love. The last
one you’ll need.

Choose the smart terminal that is right for your business. The Poynt all-in-one solution includes beautiful hardware built around amazing software.

Introducing the Poynt Smart Terminals.

Completely customizable to meet your unique needs, these game-changing devices offer everything from basic functions to more technical and specialized tools for running your business

Smart isn’t just for phones anymore.

The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience for merchants and customers.

Perfect for Countertop
Integrated printer and customizable, interactive dual touch screens – one for the merchant and one for the consumer

Manage the whole of your business
Aside from sales metrics, you can also use this powerful platform to manage your product catalogue, track inventory and manage employees.

Poynt HQ
The business intelligence hub for merchants featuring the analytics platform, sales data and all the devices associated with their business.

App marketplace
The app marketplace features a wide variety of specialized apps allowing you to customize your solution.

All your business Needs. One simple, reliable device.

Poynt’s latest terminal lets merchants modernize their check-out experience – go ahead, let your customers pay where and when they want

Poynt HQ
Gives you flexibility to customize your product mix depending on business needs.

App Marketplace
Access other powerful apps on the app marketplace to simplify your operations. 

Keep in Touch with Customers
List Builder connects to many email systems.and adds customers with emailed receipts who agree to receive messages to your marketing list.

Battery Life
The dynamic device has a battery life of up to 8 hours – a full shift – when combined with the Power Sleeve.

Run your business anywhere with Poynt HQ.

Monitor real-time activity and manage your business from any device.

Keep in Touch with Customers
List Builder connects to many email systems.and adds customers with emailed receipts who agree to receive messages to your marketing list.

HQ is accessible on the web, on your phone using the HW Smartphone App, or right from your Poynt touchscreen.

Manage multiple stores
It’s now easier to view transactions and analytics, customize settings, and manage your inventory for any individual store or your business as a whole.

Poynt Help Center
Now for quick reference (e.g. How do I do a refund?) you can just search for the help article you want and see it right there.

Core Apps.

The Poynt software suite offers everything you need to start taking payments right away. These apps come pre-installed so it’s easy to get started.

Accounting Sync
Sync payments & transactions with QuickBooks (Online & Desktop). Eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Offer a simpler checkout experience. Increase your sales beyond brick-and-mortar.

Virtual Terminal
Accept phone orders and process card-not-present payments.

Simplify your business income management. See all your incoming payments in one place.

Recurring Payments
Automate your billing. Set up subscriptions and other recurring bills.

Award and track customer rewards. Keep customers coming back for repeat purchases through points and discounts.

Communicate with your customers and get quick insights. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated messaging & feedback tool

Advanced Register
Keep track of all the items you sell. Expand the number of items you manage and track (up to 575)

Manage your business with powerful apps and open up a world of possibilities.

Merchants can customize the Poynt terminal with apps designed to create a more efficient business operation.

Payment solutions that work hard for your business.

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